Internet Refill Solutions

Internet Refill and Top-Up Solutions

IRS, or Internet Refill Solutions, is our in-house division that specializes in the distribution and sales of prepaid internet refill cards and in providing top-up solutions.

IRS services cover:

  • Home Delivery of Internet Refill Cards to consumers, covering entire Lebanon

  • Collection of Internet Invoices (for Postpaid) for home and business users

  • Supply, Setup, and Configuration of Top-Up solutions for managing prepaid refill cards:

    • Our fully electronic top-up solution enables small resellers and retail shops to recharge credit of any type for walk-in customers: internet refill, mobile recharge, and cable subscription.

    • The solution is designed to allow management of multiple wallets, multiple branches, several sub-accounts, and sub-agents to provide extra flexibility, proper management, and increased sales.

    • Our top-up solution can incorporate non-traditional retail outlets, since there are no initial investment in any hardware or point-of sales equipment. The solution is completely operated from the mobile phone of the shop owner.

IRS works closely with Terranet, one of the largest ISPs in Lebanon, to ensure delivery of their prepaid internet refill cards, proper account renewal, and internet continuity of their subscribers.