March - 2020

Live broadcast of Saydeh Church masses

18 March 2020 - Posted by Telnet Marketing Team

The Lebanese government declared a state of emergency on 12 March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and forced a national lockdown on almost all businesses and social activities in the country to limit the virus spread and protect the Lebanese people.

Churches and mosques were at no exception of this nationwide closure. Social distancing has become the new norm and worshipers have been forced to give up on their daily and weekly prayers in their worship places for the sake of protecting their health.

Yet prayer, which is a source of positivism and serenity for the Lebanese societies, could not be dismissed; therefore, Al Saydeh Church located in Achrafieh, with its closed doors and empty benches, decided to conduct the daily and weekly prayers as always, but this time with a twist! They went online!

With the help of Telnet’s EYEC360, Al Saydeh Church was able to install live transmission equipment and to broadcast all prayers on a daily basis seamlessly on the church’s official Facebook page. Worshipers were pleased with this initiative which resulted in a great success.

Al Saydeh Church Facebook page: Paroisse Notre Dame de la Présentation - PNDP- Ashrafieh @pndp.ashrafieh

Al Saydeh Church live streaming: