Our Services

Dedicated Teams, Structured Divisions, and Diversified Services

Driven by quality and customer-centered focus, Telnet has been developing its team, building its internal processes, structuring its internal divisions, and adding more services and solutions to cater to the growing demand for IT services and solutions in Lebanon. Today, we are recognized as a pioneer multifaceted IT consultant, contractor, and service provider in our market.

Our Services

Telnet SARL - Turnkey IT solutions for SOHO, Entrepreneurs, and SMEs

IT Consultancy & Contracting

Telnet provides professional IT and Computer consultancy and contracting services to SOHO users, Entrepreneurs, SMBs, SMEs in Lebanon. We specialize in Enterprise Wireless Infrastructures, Hotspots, Public Access Points, Server Rooms to Cloud Solutions.

Managed IT Services

Telnet provides holistic and partial outsourced Managed IT Services to SMBs and SMEs in different packages tailored to their needs and budgets.

Why invest in a costly in-house IT department when you can get more for less?!

Telnet SARL - Trade and Supply of Business Solutions, Network Appliances, Computing & Office Equipment

Trade & Supply

Computers & Office Equipment, Computer Components & Accessories, Network and IT Appliances, Business Solutions and Licenses.

Internet Refill Solutions

IRS, or Internet Refill Solutions, is our division that specializes in home delivery of internet refill cards. As one of the major official resellers for Terranet, we work closely with Terranet's subscribers to ensure their account renewal and internet continuity.

Event Digital Solutions

EYEC360 is by far the arm behind the success of most of the medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare events, conferences, symposiums, and webinars in Lebanon and GCC.

Telnet SARL - Computer and Office Equipment Rental: Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, and Printers

Computer Rental

Telnet provides a wide variety of computers, laptops, desktops, printers and other office equipment on short or long term rental to businesses with or without a service contract.

Telnet SARL - Facility Security & Camera Surveillance Solutions (CCTV)

Security & Surveillance

Telnet provides complete security and surveillance solutions for home, office, warehouse, large businesses, and facilities. We work with leading international brands from the security technology industry.

Telnet SARL: Outsourced Marketing Services: Call Center, Infodesk, Telesales, and Door-to-Door

Outsourced Marketing Services

Telnet Outsourced Marketing Services Division provides professional Door-to-Door Marketing Services, Telemarketing & Telesales, Telesupport, Infodesk, SEO & SEM, and Social Media Marketing to several sectors and industries in our market.